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February, 2004

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    Compiler Error Messages

    I've spent a fair amount of time lately tweaking the C# compiler's error messages. At some point I begin to wonder, how clearly do we have to spell things out for end users? There are at least 2 dozen different error messages that could be summarized...
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    Anonymous Methods, Part 1 of ?

    Although I was involved in many of the language design meetings, I don't think I can claim much of the credit for the actual design of the feature in the language spec. There were a few technical gotchas that I discovered and proposed solutions to, and...
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    My take on problems with versioning

    When it comes to creating a new version of anything there are always 2 competing desires: Fix all the broken stuff with the old version and add enough new stuff to make buying the new version worth-while Make sure the new version doesn't break...
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