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May, 2004

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    Well, I've been working on my new team for 4 weeks now. I've learned a lot about their process. I'm getting better at running tests and figuring out failures. I'm getting more familiar with the source base. I've learned little bits about optimizations...
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    2 for 2 (Checkins, Tests, and Bugs)

    So despite the misreably long time it takes to run checkin tests, I've still managed get 2 checkins through. The downside is that both of those checkins resulted in bugs. On the plus side one of those bugs technically wasn't caused by me, but was merely...
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    Disabling Optimizations

    OK, so like 20 years ago (yes, I'm exaggerating a little) it was quite common to run across compiler bugs, where you needed to disable some optimization locally or globally to get your program to work correctly. I think that's mostly gone now, but there...
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    More thoughts on Iterators

    So I had a short email exchange with a collegue about iterators. He mentioned that I should put in in my blog. Seemed reasonable, so here it is: Subject: Iterator generated code ... I'm looking at porting a hand-coded enumerator to...
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    More on Compiler Error Messages (and their text)

    I wish we had more UE (User Education for those not familiar with Microsoft acronyms) interaction when writing error messages. Usually, it is just a one or more devs that try and write some English (but remember we're CS or EE majors, not English or communications...
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