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July, 2004

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    Why doesn't the C# compiler accept /resource:*.resources?

    Well, here I am finally getting back to this. In my previous post on resources, I glossed over one issue. Not all managed resources are exactly what they seem. Specifically at the metadata/compiler level, there is a table that simply points to the...
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    I've seen this come up in conversations a few times so I thought others might be interested in it too. First off, I think since the large majority of us use x86-based processors we forget that one day in our CS or EE class where they talked about alignment...
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    Command-line Trivia

    So many people have wondered why the C# compiler isn't smarter about some of it's command-line arguments. Here's a summary of the type of questions I hope to answer in this post: Why doesn't the C# compiler accept /reference:*.dll? Why doesn...
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    Multi-file Assemblies: What and How

    I intentionally left out the 'why' because only you as developer on your own product can decide why a given programming feature should or shouldn't be used. First the easy part: What Multi-file assemblies are simply assemblies that consist of more...
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