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September, 2004

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    Some Clarifications

    In my previous post The problem with being second , it seems like there was a lot of confusion. I'm going to attempt to clarify some of that. The heart of that post was meant to point out that people/developers don't always how close or far they are from...
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    64bit versus 32bit

    Please don't start a flame war over this. It is meant as more of a Dilbert-style post with just the slightest bit of real technical content. 64-bit machines are twice as fast as 32-bit machines because they have more bits. Believe it or not there are...
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    The problem with being second

    First, hats off to the Mono team . I think they've done a great job at writing some great software, but also at proving that evil MS really does know how to produce a truly common language runtime that can be properly standardized and ported to other...
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