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December, 2004

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    Some of my opinions on Generics

    Disclaimer: These are all my opinions, so don't take them to mean anything more than the futile thoughts of an insignificant bystander who happened to be fortunate enough to listen to a few of the C# language design meetings and occasionally interact...
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    More Info on Base Addresses

    Another Microsoftie, Josh Williams follows my blogs and pointed out another case where a base address matters: NGEN. When you NGEN your assemblies, the new images are loaded at the same base address as the original binaries. As Josh pointed out to me...
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    More Q&A - Why No Generic Attributes?

    Question from Wes Haggard: A while back I posted about having a generic type inherit from Attribute. Do you know why this is prohibited in C#? My attempted response: I used to think it wasa...
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    More Q&A - C# Project settings

    Question from Eric Wilson: Could you do a post on what the settings on the Advanced Tab in Visual Studio.Net for C# projects are for and when you should use them? My lame response: I've only occasionally had to deal with the project-system guys that more...
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    Why can't I do XYZ in C#?

    First off I'm not a language lawyer, or an expert. I am only sharing some of the impressions I've gotten from working with the real language designers. Eric Wilson asked why C# doesn't allow you to call static methods using instance pointers . My answer...
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    I've run out of ideas again

    In case you haven't noticed, I've run out of ideas to write about. I'm sure there's still a few things I know that I haven't explained, btu I can't remember them... If you've been dying to know something about the C# compiler, ALink, CLR file formats...
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    64-bit beta is official!

    Finally I have something to write about! There's a new section on MSDN that is definitely worth reading: 64-Bit .NET Framework ( Now you only need a new 64-bit machine and OS to try it out on....
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