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Microsoft's Perspective on Risk & Compliance

Reflections about Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC)

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  • Blog Post: Leading global bank adopts Microsoft partner FinArch for its Liquidity Risk Solutions

    New Liquidity risk frameworks as well as Stress tests were in my top 10 list for 2011. Many leading regulators with UK FSA being the first, have issued new guidelines on this globally. Whilst some banks still await the expected convergence with Basel III. I was thrilled to see a recent announcement on...
  • Blog Post: Sai Sireesh: Journey to Regulatory Vision 2020 - Prescriptive Enforcement

    The continued wave of Systemic Risks in Greece and now increasingly Spain, the environmental disaster threaten to shatter the relative financial and economic calm in the business world. Amidst this many countries are undergoing some major changes in the regulatory landscape as a result of the events...
  • Blog Post: Sai Sireesh: 7 Pillars of US Financial Regulatory Reform Blueprint

    Risk & Compliance Managers, Private Equity (PE) firms, Hedge Funds, Credits firms and Consumers, in the USA and global financial markets are going to remember this week for a long time to come due to the epic changes in the financial regulation and supervision. The latest US proposal on financial...
  • Blog Post: Sai Sireesh: Regulatory Compliance Trends Driven by Technology

    Regulatory compliance is being driven in some instances by technology innovation. As an example over the years the records management and retention policies have evolved rapidly to keep pace with technology. I am sure you see similar interesting trends in your part of the world. Let me give a few cases...
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