May, 2004

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    Debugging an ASP.NET application as a non-admin

    The debugger team has gotten many requests to debug ASP.NET applications as a non-admin. In Whidbey, the ASP.NET team did a good job solving this problem. Their solution is much nicer then mine. In the mean time, here is a way that you can get this scenario...
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    Today's journey debugging into DCOM process creation code

    I love the feeling of euphoria after you finish debugging a difficult problem. My difficult problem of the day was figuring out why one of the test suites that I own was failing. The test works by running a macro in Visual Studio. The problem was that...
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    Debugger web service magic

    I am going to talk today about the 'magic' that the debugger does to improve Web service debugging. The debugger has two features in this area: The debugger can automatically step from a web service client, into the web server, without requiring...
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    Remote Debugging Transports

    VS7.1 shipped three different ways of doing remote debugging. We called these 'transports'. Unfortunately, the naming of the different transports was fairly poor. The good news is that we have a much better story for this in Whidbey. Anyway, let's go...
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