September, 2004

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    Mike Stall has a blog

    • 0 Comments Mike Stall is the VS debugger team's best friend in the .NET Runtime (CLR). He is the dev responsible for implementing ICorDebug. The VS debugger uses ICorDebug to implement managed debugging. If you have hard core managed...
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    Using templates to convert calls to strcpy and other CRT functions

    Some teams, and the debugger is definitely one of them, make heavy use of the C Runtime (CRT) string manipulation functions. Before VS 2003 shipped, we spent a lot of time converting calls from the old insecure functions, to calls to the equivalent function...
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    Enabling/Disabling Script Debugging

    Generally speaking, script debugging defaults to off. One of the many mistakes that we made with the script debugging architecture is that every application has their own unique way of deciding if script debugging is enabled or disabled. Classic ASP:...
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    Postmortem on working from Nebraska

    I have spent the last three weeks working from Lincoln Nebraska, where my wife is in school. In fact, I am typing this from my plane back home. I decided that it might be interesting to talk about my experiences working remotely. First, I would like to...
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