January, 2006

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    Retail debugging technique -- #pragma optimize

    Retail debugging is one of those things that is both painful and necessary. To avoid repeating myself, I will just point to my old blog entry on this subject -- http://blogs.msdn.com/greggm/archive/2004/12/15/315673.aspx . I was doing some retail debugging...
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    Be careful of what you checkin

    If I had to give one piece of advice as to what you should do to be a good developer, it’s this: be careful of what you checkin. This means: Use source control. It’s hard to look at you are changing without source control. Always diff the...
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    Explaining 'The Binding Handle Is Invalid'

    Today I want to try to give more insight into the 'Binding Handle Is Invalid' problem that a number of people have reported with the VS 2005 debugger. First, if all you care about is how to solve the problem: Enable the 'Terminal Services' service...
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