Ten years ago last month, Rhythmix Corporation started developing a new product, codenamed Groove. (After a year, for a variety of reasons, Rhythmix Corporation was renamed Groove Networks.)  We accomplished a lot during those ten years and continue to improve Groove from our offices in Beverly, Massachusetts.  During this time, several individuals have had blogs discussing aspects of the collaboration and topics related to Groove, but until now, there has not been a blog cooperatively written on behalf of the Groove development team.

The kinds of topics we plan to discuss include the core values of Groove, how to customize Groove for use in a specific environment, tips for designers and administrators, deployment advice, favorite subtle features, and general announcements.

The audience for Microsoft Office Groove products (client, servers, and services) is intentionally broad and deep.  Some topics we write about you may find intensely relevant, while others may be useless.  Your feedback is always welcome.