This from Mena Paton:


Groove collaboration is as easy as socializing. But it’s not limited by time or geography. Groove users can interact with colleagues and other contacts in a range of work environments across the Internet - even with offline contributors – from one familiar interface. As part of the Microsoft Office 2007 suite, Groove 2007 partners well with SharePoint, allowing any group of workers with a SharePoint team site to collaborate with field personnel and partners who don’t have access to SharePoint or even Office. With a common Groove workspace and tool, teammates and external colleagues can easily create, update, and reference files in a SharePoint library, whether online or offline.


So, let’s say you’re the lead architect in a small company that’s just entered the emerging energy solutions market with a new product. You’re about to submit a paper that presents your ideas and the work of your team in a key industry publication. But, to finish the conclusion,  you need the results from an international conference to be held on the day your submission is due at the publisher’s.  A valued team member and one of your colleagues will be attending the conference and can provide the critical feedback. However, both will be travelling again immediately after the conference, and cant count on being able to access or set up a VPN to log onto the SharePoint site where you and your team share documents and other information. Your colleague who works for  another company doesn’t even have access rights to your company’s resources.


Fortunately, you’re running Groove, so you quickly create a Groove workspace, add a SharePoint Files tool to the workspace, and send your two helpers an e-mail containing a Groove invitation. Prior to departure, your teammate, who already has Groove running, accepts the invitation. Your colleague uses a link to the free Groove trial included in the e-mail to download the Groove application, and accepts the invitation. After the conference, while flying to their respective destinations, the two open the Groove workspace on their respective laptops. Using the Groove Files tool, each updates a report document filed in the designated SharePoint library. Upon landing, they each connect to the Internet and you receive the updates on your computer back home, just in time to add your concluding statements and submit the paper.


Have a look at the Groove TechCenter page to find out more about getting started.