Here is my favorite use for a Groove feature:

I always create a Groove Briefcase workspace on my new computers.  This allows me to share files across all my computers seamlessly.  For maximum benefit I do the following:


1.       On my first computer I create a GFS workspace based on a folder on my desktop called My Groove Briefcase.  The desktop folder is useful so that I can drag and drop files I want to share into it.

2.       In the workspace properties dialog I select ‘Download automatically onto all my computers’ so that if I use my account on additional computer the workspace will come automatically onto those computers as well.

3.       Create a shortcut to the My Groove Briefcase folder and put it into my ‘Send to’ folder.  I do this so that I can right click on any file or folder I want to share and send it to my My Groove Briefcase.


Now if I work on a file at work and home I can simply put it into my My Groove Briefcase folder and the contents are always kept synchronized between all my computers.  I took the name from the old Windows folder ‘My Briefcase’ that never worked the way I wanted it to.