Joe Levine weighs in with a fave suggestion:

Most Web browser users assign frequently visited Web sites as “favorites.” Adding favorites is especially useful for remembering complex Web addresses. Over time, most people build a lengthy list of these favorites, and may even spend some time organizing them.

If you use more than one computer (perhaps one at the office and one at home), you may have noticed that the elaborate list of favorites you created on one computer does not show up on the other one.

Under the hood, favorites are simply files stored in a folder. You could find your favorites by looking in Users\%userprofile%\favorites. You could even zip up that favorites folder on one system, and then use it to replace the favorites folder on the other system. That would share your list of favorites, although only temporarily. Once you changed the list on one system or another, the two lists would be out of sync again.

With Groove’s folder synchronization feature, you can enable an option in your account preferences that automatically synchronizes your favorites folder on all computers that have your Groove account. Then, when you add (or remove) favorites on one system, the same favorites appear (or get deleted) when you log in to Groove on the other system.

Note: In order to synchronize favorites, you must run Groove simultaneously on both computers.

In the Launchbar, click Options and then click Preferences. Click the Synchronization tab in the Preferences dialog box. Check the Internet Explorer Favorites option, click Apply, and then click OK.