It’s been almost four years now since Groove joined Microsoft, and we’re starting to settle in.  I showed up from Redmond a few months after the acquisition, and we were then in the midst of working on Office 2007.  Since we had jumped in midstream, we were still using a lot of existing processes, and the internal culture hadn’t changed too much.

Over time we’ve gotten much more integrated with the rest of Microsoft, but you can still feel the difference when you drive to work (the left coasters think California drivers are bad – they have no idea), when you step outside in the winter (sun! brutal cold!), or when you attend an afternoon meeting (Redmond time).

While a lot of changes have taken place, we’re still in the same building, a giant converted factory in Beverly, Massachusetts, where they used to make shoe manufacturing machinery.  The picture above shows only a fraction of the whole.  The place is vast.  But it’s kinda cool.  No, we don’t have a synthetic playing field, and no, our views can’t compete with snow-capped Cascades, but we do have a couple of nice little ponds below us, and it’s home.


Microsoft has been gradually increasing its development presence in Boston, and this is a great place to work.  So if you’re in Greater Boston and want to join Microsoft, or if you already work for us in Redmond but wish you could get home in time to see the Sox play, give us a shout.