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  • Blog Post: Connecting with Facebook

    There are several ways to integrate your application with Facebook: you can have a standalone application (which uses Facebook for authentication but has a UI totally separate from Facebook apart from login), and there can be two flavours of that, a "desktop" experience and a "mobile" one; or you can...
  • Blog Post: Introduction to Project Waterloo

    As I hinted earlier , I'm finally getting round to describing how we implemented our first Facebook game, Microsoft Research Project Waterloo . The game is between two players, each having one turn. The game board is a number of fields of play - in our case, the five cities; each player has some number...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Research Project Waterloo

    The Research Games team in Microsoft Research, of which I'm a member, has just published its first game, Project Waterloo (or, to give it it's full, if somewhat verbose, name, Microsoft Research Project Waterloo). This is an example of a Colonel Blotto style game, one of many economic games we want...
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