Interesting. The folks who run, which is a huge hub for the J2EE community, have just started a .NET site called TheServerSide.NET.

These are the guys who ran the J2EE side of the controversial Pet Shop benchmark. They recently asked the J2EE community if they should do a new round of Pet Shop. As an engineer, I'm astonished that anyone can question whether we need this information. Isn't it important to know how the two main development architectures stack up? The problem for the J2EE community is that they are afraid of losing. They have reason to fear - .NET kicked butt last time out. Maybe it's the fault of the benchmark, although Pet Shop seems like a reasonable workload to me. Maybe it's the fault of the code used last time out; many in the J2EE community claim that the code was at fault. If that's the case, it should be really worrying for the J2EE community. The folks who worked on the J2EE solution are recognized experts in the J2EE community. If they can't make it perform, who can?

I think it says something about .NET that The Middleware Company (TMC), noted J2EE advocates, have started a site about .NET.

I'm impressed by the approach TMC is taking to the next benchmark. They are going to post the code in advance for community review. That way, if they lose, no one can doubt that they have lost honestly. I say “Bring it on!“ I really want to know who wins this horse race. I applaud Redmond for being willing to benchmark our stuff in public, without trying to rig the results in advance. I wish the J2EE vendors were willing to join in. Don't they want to know? Or are they afraid they already know?