I'm lucky enough to be invited to speak at the Dev Days in Philadelphia (PA Convention Center) on March 2 and Pittsburgh (Lawrence Convention Center) on March 9. My session is “Developing Secure Web Applications: Examining an End-to-End, Hack-Resilient Application.”

I hope to be able to blog the rest of the speaker lists for the PA and DC Dev Days soon. We have some awesome speakers confirmed!

One of the big focuses (foci?) for Microsoft at the moment is security. This ranges from Windows XP Service Pack 2, which I believe will be a big step forward for reliability, to best practices for writing secure code.

In the antediluvian era when I was a consultant, I spent my time making the applications work and didn't worry about security. Nowadays, that attitude wouldn't get me very far. That far away time, when all we had to worry about was the total collapse of the world economy because of Y2K, seems like a happier, more innocent era. Now, if you're building applications for a living, you owe it to your customers to be smarter than the people attacking the applications. And if you think no one's attacking your applications, you need to get a lot smarter very quickly.