Steve Walther, author of ASP.NET Unleashed, will be at ASP Vienna and ASP Rockville this week. He'll be doing two presentations, the first on Using Client Side Java Script in Custom Web Controls, and the second on Extending the ASP.NET Runtime Using Custom HTTP Modules and Handlers. I expect to get a ton of good information from both sessions. They both sound like great topics for ASP.NET developers who are interested in opening the hood and tinkering with ASP.NET's engine.

Steve was the lead developer on the This is one of five pre-built sample applications. You can use the starter kits to learn more about ASP.NET development, or as code that you can cut and paste into your own application.

ASP Vienna is at 6:00 on Wednesday, Feb 4th, in the AT&T Building in Tyson's Corner. ASP Rockville is at 6:00 on Thursday, Feb 5th in the office building next to Chili's in Rockville.