A few weeks ago I offered to help by doing a presentation at Dev Days in DC, and I was told “No, Geoff, we want the good speakers for this one.“

I've been reading the speaker list that Justin came up with, and there are some absolutely awesome speakers on tap. (Dev Days in Washington, DC is in the Ronald Reagan Building downtown on Thursday, March 4th. Registration is here.)

Cesar Larrea, who runs the technology specialist team with Microsoft's Mid-Atlantic District, will give the opening keynote. Don Awalt, who's both the MSDN regional director and the CEO of local consulting shop RDA will give the closing keynote. Don's always impressed me as the only CEO I know who is fluent in both C++ and Java.

In the smart client track, Alexandre Starych will cover The Ins and Outs of Secure Data Access. Alexandre is a software architect with e.magination. Gavin Dock from Knowlogy will present Developing Secure Smart Client Applications. Gavin taught his first BASIC classes at the University of Zimbabwe at the age of 12! Tim Huckaby will teach Deploying and Maintaining Smart Client Applications. Tim is the CEO of InterKnowlogy and an INETA rock star speaker.

The web track is focused on security. Anil John will speak about Defenses  and Countermeasures. Anil is an ASP.NET MVP, a member of ASPInsiders, and he works with the Customer Advisory Board for MSDN Patterns and Practices. When we recently published recommended best practices for web security, Anil was a technical reviewer. Anil also runs the excellent Secure Coder web site. (BTW, Anil is looking for a job!)

Andrew Duthie will present Web Application Security Fundamentals. Andrew is an ASP.NET MVP and the author of several books on ASP.NET, including ASP.NET Programming with Visual Basic .NET from Microsoft Press and ASP.NET in a Nutshell from O'Reilly and Associates. He's also well known to both local and national audiences as an INETA speaker.

Dwayne Taylor will cover Threats and Threat Modeling. Dwayne is a senior software engineer and application development security champion with RDA. Dwayne is a former cryptologic expert with the US Navy. Vishwas Lele will wrap it up with Putting it All Together: Developing Secure Web Applications. Vishwas is a principal architect with AIS and I've heard him speak many times on many different topics. He's always fascinating.