Frank Grimberg of Prosoft-International will be at ASP Vienna and ASP Rockville this week doing two presentations. (Don't believe what it says on the group web sites, Steve Walther was last month.)

Franks's first presentation will be one that I saw a couple of months ago at CMAP. In this presentation he describes using JavaScript and a web service to create highly responsive user interfaces on the client side. Instead of doing a  server round trip to refresh the entire page, you'll create a JavaScript function that does an HTTP request for a small amount of XML. This allows the client to interact with the server without the cost of re-transmitting the entire HTML page. The presentation materials for this presentation are here, click on November 2003.

Frank's second presentation is ASP.NET Tips and Tricks for Data Management. He'll show a class that manages the variables associated with a form. There are also a number of short InfoByte sessions: speakers include Gary Pupurs (Planet 3k), Rahul Singh (Anant Systems and IO Server), the inimitable Charles Carroll (ASPTraining), and Dean Fiala (Very Practical Software). (Check the mailing list to see which speaker is in each location.)

ASP Vienna meets at AT&T in Tyson's Corner at 6:00 PM on Wednesday. ASP Rockville meets near White Flint at 6:00 PM on Thursday.