I'm presenting at the next meeting of the Philadelphia ColdFusion User Group.

Chris Maher of Modotech will cover “Using SQL Server Stored Procedures in ColdFusion,” and then I will cover “ColdFusion and .NET Integration.”

I'm going to do an introduction to .NET for ColdFusion developers, and then talk about web services as an integration technology between ColdFusion and .NET. Cold Fusion supports web services using components called CFCs, and as we all know, .NET has awesome support for web services. I'll show an example of calling a CFC from an ASP.NET web page, and an example of calling a .NET web service from a ColdFusion CFM.

Register here, if you want to be sure of getting pizza. This meeting starts at 6:00 PM and takes place at New Horizons in King of Prussia.

This group is run by Steve Rittler, who also runs the excellent Philadelphia Developer Network.