We've been getting a really interesting response to our security seminars. Sometimes, it's really tough to get programmers to pay attention to security. On the other hand, the attendees walking out have been praising them. In security, what you don't know can really bite you, and people have been learning the details of attacks like cross-site scripting and SQL injection. If you don't understand these attacks, your code is vulnerable, and you probably have some really unpleasant surprises in the future.

The first session talks about security vulnerabilities, including demos of a number of attack types. The second session talks about .NET techniques for avoiding these attacks. This is a great session to bring your IT Pro friends to, because even if they aren't writing code, anyone running a web site needs to understand how these attacks work.

We have four more seminars in this series:

April 13 State College, PA

April 15 Pittsburgh, PA

April 27 Norfolk, VA

April 29 Richmond, VA

I'm teaching the two events in Pennsylvania, and my colleague Paul Murphy will teach the two events in Virginia.