One of the biggest challenges that faces corporate IT departments is getting applications to talk to each other. It's not uncommon to see many different systems in one organization, each with a slightly different implementation of a customer object. With the advent of XML web services it has become a relatively simple task to expose application data, and even functionality, over HTTP. However, without a unifying vision, web service interfaces can become a tangled web of non-interoperable, and even unsecure, code.

Richmond .NET has a presentation on Thursday, April 29th that will focus on the construction of a unified web services API around a legacy application. Through a working example, Karl Houseknecht, an application architect with SunTrust Bank, will present one approach for creating an API that addresses, among other things, a simple approach to CRUD operations, security, session state and interoperability. The example will be based on the Northwind Traders database which, while mostly normalized and well architected, does present some interesting problems to overcome.

As always, this group meets at 6:30 PM at Fahrenheit Technology in Innsbrook. Congratulations to Richmond .NET on passing the 100 member mark!