Level 100 (Introductory): Product/technology features, functions, benefits overview

  • What are the new features, how will they benefit the customers and convince them that they need to buy this product
  • What are the functions of the product and an example of how they are used in a real world environment
  • What are the benefits of the product and any case studies that show how they assisted a customer
  • Product requirements and other product integration points
  • Where to find additional information

Level 200 (Intermediate): Specific Product/technology technical drill-down

  • Drilling into architecture, integration, and configuration (what makes the feature tick?)
  • Supportability reviews
  • Code samples
  • Best practices
  • High-level troubleshooting techniques
  • Known limitations/issues
  • Where to find additional information

Level 300 (Experienced): Product Migration, deployment, architecture, development

  • Drilling into how a Product / Technology is designed to be deployed, migrated to, etc. while focusing on how it is actually deployed, migrated to, etc.
  • Real world examples as appropriate.
  • Complex coding, known issues and workarounds (sample code/examples)
  • Lessons learned, both positive and negative
  • Sample migration plans including sample Project Plans
  • Deployment case studies
  • Architecture design best practices and case studies
  • Where to find additional information

Level 400 (Advanced/Expert): Custom Code, scripts, application solution development, architect infrastructure designs & solutions

  • Advanced coding considerations/challenges
  • Design considerations/challenges
  • Architecture considerations/challenges
  • Troubleshooting techniques at the debug level
  • Where to find additional information