Thanks to Unisys for hosting a meeting of the Philadelphia SQL Server Users Group on Tuesday night. We enjoyed great food while I presented “SQL Server 2005 for DBAs.” Thanks to Mark Scott of RDA who answered all the questions that I didn't have answers for!

We also enjoyed a tour of the Unisys ES7000 Performance Center. Thanks to Rob Shea and Don Greenwood of Unisys for explaining the machines to us. It's amazing how much power you can get into a machine the size of a small fridge! By the time you load up one of those boxes with 32 processors and a quarter terabyte of RAM or so, you've got a computer that can handle a massive load. And with 99.996% average uptime across the entire installed base of ES7000s, the reliability's astonishing as well.

Although next time, I really wish they would provide a couple of eight way boxes we can use as raffle prizes. ;^)

Rob Shea makes a point!

ES7000 rack-mounted systems

Don Greenwood describes the eight-way system.