The public sector developer team is holding another of their legendary partner dinners on September 8th. This one will cover the great new features of SQL Server 2005 for developers.  This will be a demonstration heavy presentation on Visual Studio .Net 2005 integration, CLR integration, T-SQL enhancements, XML enhancements, and Data Transformation Services (DTS), and will also highlight improvements to security, performance, and scalability.

This event is for Microsoft's partner companies only. Register here, using an e-mail address from your partner company.

All this, plus they are giving away a free XBox to some lucky winner. The event starts at 6:00 PM and is held in the Microsoft Innovation and Technology Conference Center in Reston, VA on September 8th.

Dates for future partner dinners are:

•       October 20, 2004
•       December 1, 2004
•       January 26, 2005
•       March 9, 2005
•       April 20, 2005
•       June 1, 2005