Registration is going really well for Frank Grimberg's presentation tomorrow. When I asked Frank how he developed his content, he told me that he kept notes on everything that he found difficult when he was learning ASP.NET. Frank suffered, so you don't have to!

 He divides the tips into sections, including

  •             Language Tips
  •             Configuration Tips
  •             Page Handling Tips
  •             Data Access Tips
  •             Variable Management Tips
  •             UI General Tips
  •             Control Validation Tips
  •             JavaScript Tips
  •             Data Grid Tips

Some of DataGrid tips are:

  • Creating a Grid Header Row
  • Ascending and Descending Grid Sorting
  • Explanation of the Grids ItemDataBound and CreateItem
  • Trimming a Column in a DataGrid
  • Data Management
  • How to Retrieve a new records ID after an Insert
  • User Update Conflict Management

This meeting is in Microsoft's Reston office at 9:00 AM tomorrow, September 21st. Register here.