It's almost too late to do this, but I wanted to publicly say how excited I am that Andrew Duthie agreed to join Microsoft as the .NET Evangelist covering the Mid-Atlantic region. Andrew is a well-known author, blogger, blogger, and blogger, and he's been one of my favorite people for years. (Although he's guaranteed to hold the opposite view to mine on almost any political issue.)

He was even foolish enough to let me write a chapter in one of his books, years ago. Apparently it was a bad experience, as he hasn't used any co-authors on his more recent books!

Andrew's in Redmond this week attending MS101. That's the course that all new employees take where they learn Microsoft's deepest secrets. Mostly, it's a chance to visit the campus for folks who haven't been there before. Andrew used to be an ASP.NET MVP, so he's been out there many times.

Anyway, even though I'm a couple of months late putting this out, welcome to Andrew!