For the last week, I've been glued to the television watching news from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, wishing I could go down there and save people. It's been an astonishing and distressing week.

Folks in our local developer community probably know Scott Lock, who runs CapArea.NET. Scott is also our local community rep to INETA, the association of .NET user groups. Some of you may not know that mild-mannered Scott Lock also has a secret identity as SuperArchitect for the American Red Cross. Scott works with the team that manages their donation web site. I was lucky enough to visit the Red Cross call center that was set up overnight to help with their 9/11 response, and I was hugely impressed by the work they were doing then. Yesterday, the president said that "of the leaders of the army of compassion is the Red Cross." I really like that quote.

Scott has a new baby at home, so he's not getting any sleep anyway. While he's awake in the middle of the night, let's give him something to work on. At times like these, the load on the Red Cross web servers goes up massively. I'm asking everyone who has ever been to a CapArea.NET meeting, or is a member of any of the local user groups that Scott helps support through INETA, to surf to Red Cross and give a few additional dollars just to keep Scott even busier. This is a huge tragedy; let's make sure the response is suitably huge.