I'm flying to Tinseltown tomorrow for the PDC. Frankly, I'm excited. I'm looking forward to the Office 12 content, the .NET 3.0 content, and the Longhorn Windows Vista content. The Longhorn Windows Vista/Office 12 timeframe will be the first time since Windows 95 that we've shipped new versions of Office and Windows at the same time. It's analogous, because we saw a Win16 to Win32 transition with Windows 95, and we're going to see the Win32 to WinFX transition in Longhorn Windows Vista. In some ways, this is an even bigger event than Windows 95, because there's so much new technology that's bound up with WinFX. I'm also looking forward to seeing some really cool technology for data access in C# 3.0 that we haven't talked about publicly yet.

Jim Allchin who runs the platform group, and Bill G. are doing keynotes on Tuesday, talking about Longhorn Windows Vista and Office 12. On Wednesday, we'll see keynotes from Eric Rudder (Senior VP, Server and Tools) and Steven Sinofsky (Senior VP, Office). On Thursday, Bob Muglia (Senior VP, Windows Server Division) will keynote. If you want the org chart, Muglia reports to Rudder who reports to Allchin who reports to Steve B. Sinofsky reports to Jeff Raikes (Group Vice President, Information Worker Business) who also reports to Steve B. Don't try to keep track of this, however. If you get it figured out we'll immediately reorg to ensure that you remain confused.

You can see Bill's keynote here: http://www.microsoft.com/events/executives/billgates.mspx 

I'll be blogging whenever I get a break between sessions. If you're at PDC, I'll be the guy riding one of these, come up and say "Hello!" Stagner is already trying to figure out how many DevRadio bumper stickers he can get on the side of a rollabout.