We'll be spending the October-December quarter doing launch events. By the way, Microsofties call that the "second quarter." Part of the being assimilated into Microsoft is learning the only year that matters is the fiscal year from July until June. The outdated January-December "calendar" year was only technical preview of the year concept. Beings who still refer to the January-December period as a year will have that anomaly fixed in the next version of those people. So I've been in 2006 since for three months now, and I'm not going back.

We have two kinds of launch events: the "big" launch events and the "special edition" launch events.

"Big" events have two all day tracks: a developer track and a data platforms track. They also have an "Ask the Experts" lounge, a partner pavillion, and a keynote by a Microsoft executive. After the executive, the two tracks will have four invited speakers in each track, so each session will be done by a different speaker. They are genuinely "big" events. On the other hand, a "special edition" launch has two speakers. The local Technet presenter will handle the SQL Serve 2005 content, the local MSDN presenter will handle the Visual Studio content. Logistically, these events will look more like the Technet and MSDN events that I've been working on for the last couple of years. The "best of SQL" event will be in the morning from 8:00 - Noon, and the "best of Visual Studio" event will be in the afternoon from 1:00 - 5:00.

So if you want everything, you'll need to go to a big city launch event. (Actually, you'll have to go to two of them so you can watch the two tracks.) If you just want the good bits, go to your local "special edition" event.

Anyway, here's the schedule for the East Coast launches:

Big Launches

  • November 17, Philadelphia, PA, Bill Baker keynote. (I'll be on stage for this event, doing the web development session! Don't miss it.)
  • November 22, New York City, NY, Steve Guggenheimer keynote.
  • November 29, Atlanta, GA, Ashutosh Tiwary keynote.
  • December 8, Orlando, FL, Amir Netz keynote.
  • December 15, Boston, MA, Rob Copeland keynote.
  • January 11, Washington, DC, Prashant Sridharan keynote.

Click here to register for one of these events.

Special Edition Launches

  • November 8, Raleigh, NC
  • November 8, Syracuse, NY
  • November 10, Charlotte, NC
  • November 10, Buffalo, NY
  • November 29, Columbus, OH
  • November 29, Hartford, CT
  • November 29, Richmond, VA
  • December 1, Baltimore, MD
  • December 1, Newark, NJ
  • December 1, Pittsburgh, PA
  • December 13, Birmingham, AL
  • December 13, Cincinatti, OH
  • December 13, Miami, FL
  • December 13, Providence, RI
  • December 14, Manchester, NH
  • December 15, Cleveland, OH
  • December 15, Memphis, TN
  • December 15, Tampa, FL

Click here to register for a Visual Studio special edition launch, and here to register for a SQL Server 2005 special edition launch.