Perhaps the most-asked question when I talk about Reporting Services is "I'm using Crystal Reports. How do I migrate existing reports to Reporting Services?"

Microsoft doesn't sell a tool to do this conversion. I'm aware of three services:

Each of these companies has developed a tool they use internally that automates part of the conversion. I haven't used these services, so I can't review which is better. No company sells the tool as a packaged product.

Hitachi is obviously a much larger company, but information about this service seems to have disappeared from their web site. I was told by a Hitachi rep that it will be put back up soon, so I'll link it when it reappears. I have the PDF of the brochure describing this service, and I can forward e-mails to the right person at Hitachi if necessary. The Hitachi service was developed in response to a need at Mary Kay that's documented in this case study.

Updated: Hitachi's PDF is here.

RptToSql's web site indicates that they prefer to work directly for companies with large numbers of reports, and lists a reseller that they refer smaller companies to.

Report Doctor state that they don't handle "charts, subreports, crosstab objects and similar report elements not directly supported by SQL Reporting Services." That's interesting, as ALL of these elements have always been supported by Reporting Services from the first version.

I would appreciate feedback on any of these services.

Updated: See the comments here for some feedback on the services.