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  • Blog Post: Demo Web Service Code

    Imports System.Web Imports System.Web.Services Imports System.Web.Services.Protocols Imports System.Data Imports system.Data.SqlClient <WebService(Namespace:=" http://www.geoffsnowman.net/mytestsvc ")> _ <WebServiceBinding(ConformsTo:=WsiProfiles.BasicProfile1_1)> _ <Global.Microsoft...
  • Blog Post: Consumer Sites

    Pharmacy Shopping
  • Blog Post: Personal

    Swindon Film Festival Tamir Orbach's Diary
  • Blog Post: So You Want to Start a User Group!

    I wrote this article in response to an e-mail asking how to start a user group! I believe that you need four things to make a user group work: location, speakers, online presence, and audience. I would start by identifying the location for your meetings. Unless you can find a generous sponsor...
  • Blog Post: Content Level Definitions Used at Microsoft

    Level 100 (Introductory): Product/technology features, functions, benefits overview What are the new features, how will they benefit the customers and convince them that they need to buy this product What are the functions of the product and an example of how they are used in a real world environment...
  • Blog Post: Flash Movies, etc.

    Boing Boing Easter Bunny Bush Joke Fly Guy! Greetings Cards HoogerBrugge Just Me OddTodd Pinata Steven Stahlberg The Michael Smith We Fail WordPerfect ZEFRANK
  • Blog Post: MSDN Security Seminars Outline

    Part One: Writing Secure Code – Threat Defense In this session for experienced developers, you will learn established best practices for applying security principles throughout the development process. The session will discuss common security threats faced by application developers, such as...
  • Blog Post: List of .NET and SQL Server User Groups in MD, DC, VA, WV, PA, DE

    Delaware Philadelphia .NET is a large, vibrant group who cover mostly advanced .NET topics. (Typical attendance 100). DelMarVa .NET is a small group in Ocean City, MD. (Typical attendance 8-10). Maryland ASP Rockville is one of the two local user groups run by Charles Carroll . It's very...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Sites

    Corporate - Internal MS Web OWA ProductsWeb Product Feedback Infoweb - CPE Complaints Find Customer Agreements US District BMO Portal Siebel MS Sales Sales Portal MS Learning Volume Licensing Flash Corporate - External Microsoft.COM Microsoft.COM Site Map Press Pass Recruiter Blog Tips for Ward...
  • Blog Post: Support Options

    Support Home Windows Update Each Microsoft product has a lifecycle for support. These pages describe the support lifecycle policies... Support Lifecycle Visual Basic 6.0 Support Lifecycle FAQ Dates for each Product's Mainstream and Extended Support You can always contact support via...
  • Blog Post: Technology Links

    .NET Development MSDN ASP.NET Windows Forms Early and Adopter Got Dot Net Got Dot Net Quick Start Tutorials Learn 24 7 Smart Client Developer Center Regular Expressions Library SysInternals Compact Framework Projects Top Ten Webcasts Aspect-Oriented Programming in .NET Web Services Dev Center...
  • Blog Post: Web Games

    Bubble Wrap Cards Channel 4 Crimson Room Defend Your Castle Letter Project Nun Gunner Penguin Toss Samorost Subservient Chicken Tash Puller Telescopes The Telephone Tower Blast Veridian Room Virtual Bartender Where's the Rake?
  • Blog Post: Humour Links

    Bonsai Kitten Dave Barry Dave Barry's Blog Dilbert Landover Baptist Leno Private Eye Richard Harter's Collected Humor Steve Bell Style Invitational Tatt for Trannies Weingarten White House .ORG ZUG
  • Blog Post: News and Reference Links

    USA CNN Drudge USA Today Washington Post Weather @ USA Today UK BBC Guardian Guardian Columnists Sun Telegraph Reference Time and Date US Census Currency Converter Blogs Daily Kos Duthie Binary Circumstance Occam's Razor Microsoft Bag Holder Mini-Microsoft
  • Blog Post: Useful Links

    MSN Search Google Everything Google Microsoft Event Search MSDN Events MapPoint News Microsoft Sites Support Technology Links Consumer Sites Personal Jokes Web Games Flash Movies, etc.
  • Blog Post: Security Content Details

    These are the detailed outlines for the four security sessions delivered in March - May of 2004. 1. Essentials of Application Security In this session for experienced developers, you will gain knowledge and skills essential for the creation of secure applications. The session will cover important...
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