April, 2004

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My name is Gus Perez and I'm a Principal Development Manager at Microsoft on the Cloud Tools team. We're responsible for the Windows Azure Tools and the Live Framework Tools as well as some other stuff. Prior to this project, I've worked on J++, C++, the first three versions of C#, and DTG. This blog is mostly work related topics (hence the wildly creative and witty name) while my personal blog covers everything else. I can also be found on Twitter from time to time here.

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    C# response files

    Over time I've answered, and I'm sure lots of other guys on the team have as well, a question along the lines of “why do I have to add a reference to assembly X but not for assembly Y?” Lots of people assume it's got something to do with an...
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    Keeping docs in Word and not in the browser

    Today, I had one of those moments of minor frustration where a 'feature' bugged me. So I tried to find a way to fix it and it took about 10 minutes to figure out and confirm it worked. That's about 9.5 minutes longer than I would have liked, so I figured...
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    Grant moves upstairs

    Grant has been my next-(office)door neighbor for a long time now. But tomorrow it comes to an end as he's moving upstairs to the JIT64 team . Grant started full-time about a month after I did almost five years ago now. It's going to be strange not having...
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    Random fun fact: Lines of code in our C# compiler test suite

    For some reason, that I don't remember now actually, one of the guys on my team had to write a quick Perl script to get the number of lines of C# code in a set of source files. He ran it against our test suite and 2,225,546 came out the other end. Not...
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    Got bugs?

    “Any idea how many bugs may still be in the product?” A question I've been asked and heard others get asked on many occasions. It drives me nuts. Not because it's a dumb question, as we'd all certainly love to have the answer to it. It's just...
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    New laptop is up and running

    Got my new laptop today around 3pm. After spending ~2-3 hours, it's all ready to go. Got all the tools I use on it (VS, Perl, NUnit, Office, etc.), my enlistments to the dev and test source trees, and all the loving it could get from Windows Update. Overall...
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    Busy, busy, busy

    It's been almost a month since my last real post. Posts about ubercool bulldogs and mice (the furry kind) don't really count. But if anyone's interested it took about 3 days, but we got the first mouse and none since. Hopefully, it was a one hit wonder...
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    Skateboarding Bulldog

    Far from work-related, but a good break from it, check out the skateboarding bulldog . Be sure to watch the short video of the bulldog skating in a parking lot. It's amazing, especially if you're a fan of dogs. Now, back to work...
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