I've got a Samsung Syncmaster 213T flat panel display at home.  I love it except for how power save seems to have a mind of its own.  At times and definitely on the rare side, a quick mouse click or key press will immediately “wake” the display.  Most of the time though, I find myself sitting in front of it staring at the tiny yellow light slowly blink for up to minutes at a time.  Recently, I've started just power-cycling it, but that feels like giving up.  Just noticed a new driver was out for it.  I installed it but it didn't seem to change this behavior.  Clueless at this point.

I've also got a Toshiba Tecra M2.  I was having trouble with it for several weeks where at times the display would just not come back on after closing it and opening it back up.  Eventually, after trying a few different things, I disabled the screen's power-save option and it hasn't happened since.  Searched for info on this as well and came up empty.  My manager recently got the same exact model and I'm waiting to see if he runs into the same problems.  Anyone else out there run into this?

I recently got an IOGear KVM switchbox at work.  I currently have three machines in my office and use my laptop (docked) as my main machine.  The problem is that when I undock my laptop, the switchbox stays set on the port my laptop was on and for some reason keeps the monitor “awake” instead of in that sleep mode it went into before when there wasn't a signal coming through on my old switchbox.  So now I have to remember to turn the monitor off each night or it stays running at full power for no reason. 

If anyone has any ideas on ways to fix any of the above, feel free to suggest.  Thanks!