January, 2005

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My name is Gus Perez and I'm a Principal Development Manager at Microsoft on the Cloud Tools team. We're responsible for the Windows Azure Tools and the Live Framework Tools as well as some other stuff. Prior to this project, I've worked on J++, C++, the first three versions of C#, and DTG. This blog is mostly work related topics (hence the wildly creative and witty name) while my personal blog covers everything else. I can also be found on Twitter from time to time here.

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    Nullable and more nullable...

    If the mixture of the word 'nullable', question marks, and C# are interesting to you then you you might want to check out the blogs of a couple of my peers: Peter (C# Compiler Dev lead) and Luca (C# Compiler PM). They've started posting on their blogs...
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    More C# bloggers

    A couple of more C# bloggers! Welcome Scott and Raj . I've added them to the list of C# team bloggers I'm still sort of maintaining. If I'm missing anyone, let me know and I'll fix it up.
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    RightSideUp v1.1 now available

    I just fixed up a few minor bugs in RightSideUp that had been reported by a few users over time (mostly avoiding some unhandled exceptions in some corner cases and a few cosmetic things). Not a huge update overall but still probably worth the quick download...
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    C# game development in progress...

    I just ran across Benjamin Nitschke's blog where he's keeping a daily journal (with cool screenshots and all) of his work on a new game he's working on in C#. Pretty cool and very interesting stuff. Here's a link to the first entry in the series (though...
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