October, 2005

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My name is Gus Perez and I'm a Principal Development Manager at Microsoft on the Cloud Tools team. We're responsible for the Windows Azure Tools and the Live Framework Tools as well as some other stuff. Prior to this project, I've worked on J++, C++, the first three versions of C#, and DTG. This blog is mostly work related topics (hence the wildly creative and witty name) while my personal blog covers everything else. I can also be found on Twitter from time to time here.

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    Another C# team member blogs...

    Vijay has started blogging . Note that he's had a blog for a while now (Jan 2004) but he's now actually adding entries. :) Head over to his blog and read up on some of his great work and background testing Whidbey's C# Edit-N-Continue feature. Good stuff...
  • aWorkBlogByGus

    New Snippy is out. Finally.

    You can get the latest version of Snippy from GotDotNet . There is a beta 2 version as well as one based on the latest RTM RC so most people should be covered.
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