Following on from a slew of announcements around our Software + Services platform futures at PDC last week we have organised an update for the Australian developer community this week during SteveB’s visit down under.

You can find out more about the event in Sydney on November 6th and how to tune into the live broadcast at the website.   SteveB is keynoting and also doing some Q&A – the first time he’ll be able to talk to a developer audience about what we showed at PDC.

Andrew Coates and myself have been organising the content following Steve’s keynote address and we have two well-known experts to give a taste of what’s new from Microsoft for developers on both the client and out in the cloud.

Thanks to Michael (currently the Grizzly Genius– check out that fearsome facial growth at the start of each video) and the gritty realism of DG.TV live from the PDC floor - here’s a quick taste of what we can expect to hear on Thursday:

Gianpaolo Carraro (“Mr Cloud”)

Tim Sneath (“Mr Client”)

(for bonus points name the two Microsoft people well known in Australia who walk past at about 2:30 into the Tim Sneath video)

Both Gianpaolo and Tim will be armed with a whiteboard and “unplugged” for a classic chalk ‘n talk in the evening after the live event in Sydney so if you’re coming along please bring your questions and ideas.