Tech•Ed 2009 season comes to Australia on Sept 8th – 11th.  There are 13 content tracks planned and I’m the owner for our track on the Azure Services Platform.  My colleague Nigel Watson is owner of the general Architecture track.   For the full set of tracks / owners Andrew Coates has the full story and some good tips on creating a successful submission suitable for Tech.Ed.

This year is the first time we’ve opened up the Call for Content publically and we’re likely to receive more proposals than we’ve got slots to fill, so please don’t be disappointed if your submission isn’t selected.   See end of this post for links to submit a topic.

My Track: Azure Services Platform

With the new Azure Services Platform, developers can take advantage of an Internet-scale cloud services platform hosted in Microsoft data centres to build new applications in the cloud or extend existing applications quickly and easily, using a flexible and interoperable platform. The Azure Services Platform track explores Azure's cloud operating system and set of developer services, including Windows Azure, SQL Services, .NET Services, and Live Services. Sessions provide an overview of services currently in Community Technology Preview (CTP) and beta release, in addition to discussions on the future of the Azure Services Platform and the possibilities it provides for your business to reduce costs and accelerate innovation.

So how do you go about submitting your great Azure session? Go to the Call for Content tool and register with your email address and the RSVP code TechEdANZ. Fill in all the details and hit submit. You can come back to that site at any time to update or review the progress of your submission.  Here are the rules for submitting content and what we’ll cover/not cover if we are able to include your session.

Good luck and I look forward to reviewing the proposals!