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  • Greg Willis

    Avanade Global Cloud Computing Survey

    Avanade recently released their 2009 Cloud Computing survey . Joe McKendrick has provided some good commentary on some of the key scenarios in his blog post earlier this week. What’s clear from the survey is: a) there is a lot (and growing) interest...
  • Greg Willis

    Australian customers and partners at PDC 2009

    I’m attending PDC 2009 in Los Angeles along with 40 or so (as at last week) customers and partners from Australia. If you haven’t registered yet and want to deep dive on any of our latest developer technology and be there for Windows Azure’s commercial...
  • Greg Willis

    Separated at birth – Larry and Hank?

    Well I think we all know by now that Oracle’s Larry Ellison is no fan of the cloud computing hype.  No comment on whether that reflects Oracle’s capability in that area.  Be sure to check out Larry’s comedic skills in this latest episode: Talking...
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