I’m attending PDC 2009 in Los Angeles along with 40 or so (as at last week) customers and partners from Australia.

If you haven’t registered yet and want to deep dive on any of our latest developer technology and be there for Windows Azure’s commercial launch there is still an earlybird discount open until October 30th.  

There is a strong set of Windows Azure content sessions at PDC and also a pre-day Architecting and Developing for Windows Azure workshop that I’ll be helping manage. 

Chris Auld is our trainer for the workshop.  Chris has been doing some great early work on architecting scale Windows Azure solutions and has plenty of real-world insights on the patterns required to really take advantage of cloud deployment.   Here’s the official workshop description:

Gain the skills to architect and develop real-world applications using Windows Azure. Going beyond ‘demo-ware’ we examine the theory and technical implementation of large scale elastic applications. It is expected that attendees have some prior experience with Windows Azure, and the Azure Services Training Kit is a recommended prerequisite. During this full-day workshop, we discuss approaches to delivering the best raw performance from our Windows Azure applications, and how to achieve linear scale-out through the use of additional instances. We also discuss data management approaches using Windows Azure and SQL Azure’s partitioning capabilities. Lastly, we examine patterns for deploying Windows Azure applications reliably and with minimal or no impact on the end user experience, and the security environment within which Windows Azure operates, along with ways to provide a bridge between on-premises and cloud-based identity assets and applications. Want to learn more about this workshop? Check out the Channel9 Knowledge Chamber interview here.

If you have registered for PDC already and are attending from Australia feel free to ping me or reach me on twitter @gwillis so we can try and connect there as well.