We have Craig Kitterman from Redmond visiting us here in Sydney this week.  Craig is part of our interoperability team and one of our experts on running PHP applications on the Windows Azure cloud.

While he’s in our timezone, Craig is hosting a webcast Building & Deploying PHP Applications using Windows Azure Platform this Friday, March 5th.  You can register here.

Sounds like a good session and you can join in live without staying up until the wee hours :-)

The Windows Azure platform has been built from the ground up with interoperability in mind, supporting multiples languages  and development tools to build applications which run on Windows Azure and/or  integrate with other cloud platforms or on-premises components. 

Come learn how to build rich mission critical web applications in Windows Azure using PHP and open source tools & SDKs , taking advantage of new Windows Azure features. This webcast will cover developing for Windows Azure using PHP, deployment choices, patterns and practices in building & scaling PHP applications using cross platform open source SDKs using a choice of development tools, including command-line tools and  Eclipse.

Craig will also be joining some of our local team unconferencing at CloudCamp Sydney this Thursday evening, March 4th if you want to pick his brains on all things interop with the Azure cloud.