Today at Tech.Ed in the US we have announced updates to the Windows Azure Tools and SDK, specifically including support for running .NET 4 framework applications on the Windows Azure Platform.

You can download the latest tools and SDK from here.   There is also an update to the Windows Azure Training Kit here.

As well as .NET 4 framework support, this June 2010 release also includes some good features to improve the developer experience:

  • Full support for Visual Studio 2010 RTM
  • Cloud storage explorer to make it easier for developers to build compelling services by displaying a read-only view of Windows Azure tables and blob containers through the Visual Studio Server Explorer
  • Integrated deployment, which will enable developers to deploy services directly from Visual Studio by selecting 'Publish' from the Solution Explorer
  • Service monitoring to help developers track and manage the state of their services through the 'compute' node in Server Explorer
  • IntelliTrace support for services running in the cloud to simplify the process of debugging services in the cloud through the Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate IntelliTrace feature. For more information see this post.