While launching the Windows Azure Platform into the Australian market over the last year, I have spoken to dozens of customers and partners about their initial use cases for using cloud platforms.

One part of the industry that has rapidly migrated to cloud deployment on Azure are SaaS ISV’s.  These were software companies already delivering their solution ‘as a service’ across the internet but who were typically managing their own hosting and having to carefully balance when they made additional infrastructure investments to just-in-time support their growth and new customers and markets.  

With the cloud as a deployment platform, these ISV’s can now ‘pay as they grow’ in a much more granular fashion and with the additional benefit of building on a high-availability platform with no server hardware and operating system maintenance.

A good Australian-based example are Connect2Field.  Connect2Field is a SaaS solution for a range of service based businesses who have a number of field staff who they need to send job information to on a daily basis. 


Connect2Field Solution Overview

Steve Orenstein discusses Connect2Field’s Windows Azure migration experience and benefits in their recent Real World Azure interview.

In common with many of the customers and partners I have spoken to, this move to a cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) has enabled Connect2Field to really focus their energy on developing their solution and business rather than maintaining and growing the application deployment platform.  For Connect2Field this focus has allowed them to start addressing their potential global market with a high-availability solution.