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  • Blog Post: How it works: MOSS 2007 automatic user profile removal

    I have seen many posts filled with myths and legends how this actually works in MOSS 2007. This post is based on information received from SharePoint product group, my own research, debugging and testing to clarify the internals of this feature. In MOSS 2007 the inactive user profiles are deleted...
  • Blog Post: How it works: Show Quoted Messages link in MOSS 2007 Discussion boards

    If you ever wondered why would the “Show Quoted Messages” link disappear once you edited a reply, I have an answer for you. The explanation can be found in the schema.xml at "c:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\DiscussionsList\Discuss\schema.xml...
  • Blog Post: How it works: MOSS 2007 User Profile Import

    I often face the problem of missing documentation of MOSS 2007 operations at high level, it is documented how to configure it and the very low level details in protocol specification . Profile import is using the crawler component of MOSS search. A user profile import is actually a crawl of special content...
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