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  • Blog Post: Wireless Networking and Security

    Yesterday, I did put the last touch to my home wireless network. Thanks to my D-LINK DI-624 and a G650 card, I have been enjoying a 108Mbps link. They do this through a proprietary extension called " Super G ". During the configuration of the network, the Wireless Zero Configuration Service scanned...
  • Blog Post: Blue Angels at SEAFAIR 2004

    This weekend, the SEAFAIR took place in Seattle, WA. I enjoyed the performance of the Blue Angels over Lake Washington. I was standing on I-90, on the Seattle side of the bridge, nearby the viewpoint (Quicktime Required). Jets passed right above us and I was able to take some pictures:
  • Blog Post: O-Zone, Dragostea Din Tei is PHAT 1 this week on Seattle C89.5

    Adrian, one of my co-worker, pointed out a few weeks ago that Seattle C89.5 ( Official web page ) broadcasts O-Zone, Dragostea Din Tei very often. C89.5 was recently voted best High School radio station by the New York Daily Magazine. In this paper , the Seattle Times describes their style as " snappy...
  • Blog Post: PPPoE and Verizon DSL

    I have been very busy working on the future of BizTalk. Currently, this is mostly attending meetings and writing prototypes. This has been exciting and has not left me much time to post here. Aside from this, I managed to find some time to setup my Verizon DSL. At the end of June (June 30th to be...
  • Blog Post: George Goble's famous charcoal grill experiment

    Here, in the Northwest, the weather is becoming adequate for barbecues. Since I dislike waiting for charcoals to become warm enough, I looked for possible ways to accelerate this. Well, George Goble seems to have found a slightly extreme way to light up a charcoal grill. George became an instant Internet...
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