Here's a quick summary of the new features in the CTP release for Team System Web Access 2008 SP1:

Single instance with multiple languages

A single instance of TSWA now supports multiple languages. By default, the UI language is based on the user's browser settings (accept-language header). The UI language can be overwritten in profile settings. In total, 9 languages are available: ENU, CHS, CHT, DEU, ESN, FRA, ITA, JPN, KOR. Please note that the CTP release doesn’t have all the resources localized completely yet.

Direct links to new work items with initial values

Previous versions of TSWA supported the following URL syntax to create new work items:


Now it's possible to specify initial values for fields, such as:

http://<server>/wi.aspx?pname=MyProject&wit=Bug&[Title]=Bug Bash&[AssignedTo]=Hakan Eskici&[Iteration Path]=MyProject\Iteration2&[FoundIn]=9.0.30304

This will open a new work item editor window with the following initial values:

  • Team Project = MyProject
  • Work Item Type = Bug
  • Title = Bug Bash
  • Assigned To = Hakan Eskici
  • Iteration Path = MyProject\Iteration2
  • Found in Build = 9.0.30304

Share ad-hoc work item queries

Previous versions of TSWA enabled referencing work item queries stored on the server:

http://<server>/q.aspx?pname=MyProject&name=All Bugs

Now you can reference an ad-hoc query by providing the WIQL directly in the URL

http://<server>/q.aspx?pname=MyProject&wiql=SELECT ID, Title, State FROM WorkItems WHERE [Team Project]='MyProject' AND [Work Item Type]='Bug' AND [Found In]='9.0.30304'

Shelveset viewer

This version enables searching for shelvesets and displaying the contents of a shelveset.

Improved search support

Now it's even easier to search for work items with the advanced search syntax. Similar to Outlook search syntax, you can reference any work item field by either using the field name, or by using some shortcuts.

Here's a simple search example:

norhtwind a=@me s=resolved t=bug

Searches for resolved bugs assigned to me which contain the word "northwind" in the Title or Description.


Your feedback is greatly welcome, please let us know what you think.