• Hakan Eskici

    Anniversary of devBiz acquisition

    Today marks the first anniversary of Microsoft's acquisition of devBiz - a small software company I've founded with Ahmet Akkas many years ago . Since Ahmet, Serkan and I have joined Microsoft a year ago, we all have been working on Team System Web Access...
  • Hakan Eskici

    Spec available for "Codename TFS Bug Submission Portal"

    We've published the spec for the "Codename TFS bug submission portal" power tool on Rosario Specs website (1). Note (1): Although it appears on Rosario specs website, this is a power tool for TFS 2008 (Orcas). Here's some background: Team Foundation Server...
  • Hakan Eskici

    Serving all languages of TSWA from a single server

    As a response to a question asked by Ed Blankenship of Infragistics , Inc., we've been exploring the possibility of serving all languages of TSWA from a single server. The question was how to make the following possible: http:// tswa.example.local >...
  • Hakan Eskici

    Team System Web Access available in 8 languages (CHS, CHT, DEU, ESN, FRA, ITA, JPN, KOR)

    For the past week, we have been releasing localized versions of Team System Web Access 2008 power tool. Today, all the languages are available to download. You can go to the TSWA 2008 English download page and change the language, or use the direct links...
  • Hakan Eskici

    Koders + TSWA Integration

    Koders is a code search tool that can index source code from many different sources, including Team Foundation Server and Visual Source Safe. It also integrates with Visual Studio and Team System Web Access seamlessly. Koders and TSWA integration...
  • Hakan Eskici

    Team System Web Access 2008 Documentation

    There's a decent amount of documentation for Team System Web Access on MSDN that includes installation, usage and getting started topics: As a reference, Web Access 2008 download is available at:...
  • Hakan Eskici

    A little bit about myself and Web Access

    Some of you might already know that I'm the Program Manager on the Web Access team in Team Foundation Server product group. In March 2007, Microsoft acquired the company I had founded with Ahmet Akkas back in 2001. Ahmet, Serkan (one of our senior developers...
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