We’re in planning phase for MEF for quite some time. I believe we have a very decent idea of things that needs improvement, and the priority of those. Of course, our team has limited resources so there are no promises whether we can actually ship any of those in the next MEF release. That said, it would be great if you could weight in and let us know what would you consider more valuable. Pick one or two items that you rather see us not shipping a v.next unless we add those. :-)

Some ideas of features (feel free to suggest more)

  • - Convention-based discovery catalog
  • - Explicit wiring
  • - Generic instantiation (being able to export IRepository<> and import IRepository<Customer>)
  • - Better diagnostics
  • - AOP/Interceptors
  • - Integration with XAML/WPF
  • - Integration with Azure
  • - Simplification of scoping/container hierarchy
  • - Custom lifetimes (per thread, transactional)


Anything I’ve missed?