I’m a late adopter of RSS, I admit. What kept me from using it was that I needed yet another tool. I already had my favorite portal, I already subscribed to one newsgroup too many and I wasn’t up for more information. Now I recently learned how to deal with RSS, I started to adore it. Here’s what I do.


I installed an addin to Outlook which allows me to subscribe to feeds, post to my blog and much more. This is the tool I use to suscribe to rss feeds I don’t want to miss a single entry from. It’s like email. I scan all messages I get and read those important to me.


Apart from that tool, I started using http://www.start.com. This is now my new start page. On this page I subscribe to those feeds I scan frequently but it doesn’t hurt if I miss an entry. Mostly these are feeds from IT news sites like Infoworld, ZDNet, Slashdot…. Instead of scanning the actual sites one by one I easily get an overview of the headlines.


RSS, I’m loving it.


Hans Verbeeck